• Q: What are typical production quantities?
    A: We run quantities anywhere from 1- 250,000 pcs.


  • Q: Can I break up order into multiple releases?
    A: Yes we can accommodate scheduled shipments of blanket orders.
  • Q: Can you accept drawings electronically?
    A: Yes, for quotes or evaluation please contact us


  • Q: Do you provide prototype machining services?
    A: We provide prototype machining for products which are headed for higher quantities, with an easy transition to production.


  • Q: What are your size capacities?
    A: Our milling capacity is: table size is 20" X 40" X 20" high
    A: Our turning capacity is : 10" diameter X 24" length


  • Q: What industries do you serve?
  • A: We serve the following industries: Aerospace, Electronics, Automotive, Industrial, Medical, and the gas and oil industries.